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FINANCIAL GPS: We have developed and refined a planning-based process that provides a roadmap to your financial destination.


  • Engagement Meeting – We’ll each share our values and beliefs to determine if this relationship is mutually beneficial.
  • Discovery Process -Because no two clients share the same life experiences, we’ve created a confidential discovery process to identify your current wealth reality, discover your future wealth possibilities, and craft customized financial plans. Our personalized approach is rooted in collaboration – an ongoing engagement that’s proactive and creative. We work for you and with you to outline your current financial resources then align them with your goals to create a robust advisory relationship.


  • Financial Plan Design and Delivery – Based on your goals we can make key decisions together, take action, resolve problems, and plan a path for your future.  For those desiring more comprehensive planning; we can dive deeper into your advanced needs and create a strategically designed plan and implementation strategy for your review.
  • Financial Organization – For those clients that value the need to be financially organized, we offer a Financial Organizer that acts as a repository of the vital information your family would need in the event of a life emergency, organize it, printed in and distribute both in hard copy and electronically to ensure your family is prepared.  


  • Plan Implementation - Once you have reviewed the plan to ensure it correctly addresses your priorities, we implement the plan according to the agreed upon timeline.
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Adjustments – Since life has a way of altering our plans, we believe it is important to meet regularly to: discuss changes to your financial situation or goals; monitor, review, and potentially update plans; and evaluate our progress of the journey toward your financial destination.